AI powered, nature inspired and regulatory aligned for corporate reporting and decision making

Understand and manage your company’s interaction with nature

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Instant compliance and reporting at the push of a button

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Detect and quantify business risks and opportunities for informed strategic decision making

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Embark on a bespoke path to being nature positive, protecting precious natural assets


push-button compliance and reporting

Full adaptation of the TNFD’s L-E-A-P process to include own operations, upstream and  downstream locations.

Consolidated data, ready for reporting according to standards like CSRD, SBTN, GRI and many more.

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Identification and prioritization of your company's specific impacts and dependencies.

Global supply chain analysis and materiality assessment and scoring: Prioritize key sites and receive tailored action plans.

Aligned with All Relevant Regulatory and Reporting Standards and Frameworks

The team behin kuyua

Our mission is to empower companies to comprehend their impact on nature, as well as their dependencies and associated business risks – and to show paths towards safeguarding both, natural and capital assets.

Athan Sassalos
Science & Ecology
Stefano Balla
AI & Tech
Tobias Wildner
Johannes Förster
PHD Data Science
Gemma Levy
Science & ecology
Christian Dietrich
Mostafa Shawki
Tech Lead
Christin Sasse
Business Development
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Is Your Business Contributing to Nature's Decline?

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The rapid loss of nature, with up to 150 species disappearing daily, doesn't just threaten biodiversity – it jeopardizes over $44 trillion of the world's GDP. Every action and decision your business makes can either exacerbate or alleviate this crisis. kuyua provides insights into your company's impact on nature, highlighting risks and guiding you towards a sustainable, nature-positive future. Embrace sustainability and ensure your business thrives. Book a demo with kuyua today.